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Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres Centre - Battlax Tyres - Order online - Australia-wide Delivery Bridgestone Battlax Tyres S21, S20, T30, BT023, BT45, BT021, BT016, BT015, BT014, Exedra Max - 120/60, 120/70 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17, 240/40-18 Hypersport Motorcycle Tyres
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Battlax Tyres: RS11 - s22 - S21 - AX41 - BT46 - T32 - BT023 - H50 - BT01 - Scooter  - Exedra Max

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We carry an extensive range of the latest Bridgestone tyres

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Battlax BT45V
Battlax BT45

Sport Touring
Older Bikes

Classic Look
Dual Compound Rear
battlax BT-46V/BT-46
Sport Touring Tyres for Older Bikes
Battlax BT-46 Front and Rear Tyres Delivered Australia-Wide
BATTLAX BT-46 Sport Touring Bias-Ply tyre gives all-round street performance, with the emphasis on riding comfort, long mileage, wet performance, all designed by the latest tire developing technologies of Bridgestone.
Also suitable for older sport bikes and mid-sized sport-touring bikes. Features a Dual Tread Compound (DTC) rear tyre which offers longer mileage and stability from centre, while also maintaining excellent grip and performance while cornering. Available in H and V-rated sizes
while-U-wait Fitting - Open 5 1/2 Days
 Application: Sport Touring
Bridgestone BT45 tyre features

(FROM $409 a pair fitted)
Front 120/70-17 with Rear 160/60-17 or 180/55-17 or 190/50-17
High Tesile Super Penetrated Cord
RC POLYMER for motorcycle tire
Buy Battlax BT-023 Sport Touring Tyre on Special at Balmain Motorcycle Tyres REAR
High Tesile Super Penetrated Cord
3 Layer Compound
RC POLYMER for motorcycle tire
A tyre realizing consistent performance between
TOURING and SPORT riding.
Long wear life, high level of wet performance for TOURING, and high performance similar to a SPORT tire. Advanced new Sport Touring tire.Consistent performance for use on heavy weight bikes.
 Application:  Sport Touring
Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Tyre Features
Buy the Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 on Special at Balmain Motorcycle Tyres


GT Spec for Heavy Weighted Bikes
Front: 120/70 ZR17 Rear: 180/55 ZR17
Target Bikes
Bike Engine
FJR1300 1300cc
K1300GT 1300cc
R1200RT 1200cc
Not limited to these bikes,
just recommendation


For Heavy
Weighted Bikes

T30 GT tyre sizes to suit

Yamaha FJR1300,
Honda ST1300, ST1100
BMW K1300GT, R1200RT,
and many more heavy
weighted bikes

120/70 ZR-17 T30 GT (H/Load)
120/70 ZR-18 T30 GT (H/Load)
170/60 ZR-17 T30 GT (H/Load)
180/55 ZR-17 T30 GT (H/Load)
190/55 ZR-17 T30 GT (H/Load)

Buy the Bridgestone Battlax T30 from Balmain Motorcycle Tyres
Battlax T30 Launch
The NEW Bridgestone BATTLAX
True riding pleasure: The Battlax T30 is the new reference for relaxed, touring performance, letting you rediscover the joy of riding.

Ultimate confidence: Quick response, tight handling and support for high lean angles make it even easier to hold your line on both wet and dry surfaces.

Balanced performance: High-speed cruising, sports-like grip and precision steering response: all the right ingredients for genuine, consistent performance.

Ultimate comfort: Outstanding stability, very good bump absorption and low-noise cruise performance combine for the ultimate riding experience.
Battlax T30 Launch
Application: Sport Touring
Bridgestone T30 tyre features

Battlax S20 Hypersport Tyre
(02) 9555 1000

Bridgestone Battlax S20 Tyres
The NEW Bridgestone S22
Moto GP Technology for Everyone
Superior HANDLING: The new S22 gives riders sportier handling and more confident cornering thanks to its new pattern and MotoGP construction technology.

GRIP improvement with HIGH MILEAGE:
Provides strong grip with new compound that works in a wider range of temperatures.Tire features quick warm-up, even in low temperature conditions.

Improved WET performance:
Better wet performance than BT-016 PRO due to new pattern and compound.
Application: Ultra High Performance Sport
Buy Bridgestone Battlax S20 tyres at Balmain Motorcycle Tyres

Ducati Desmosedici D16RR
Racing Replica
Ducati Tyres Centre - at Balmain motorcycles Sydney we stock the full range of tyres to suit Ducati motorcycles
Battlax BT01 OEM

F 120/70 ZR17
R 200/55 ZR16
Bridgestone BT01 OEM tyres to Ducati Desmosedici 200/55ZR 16 rear 120/70ZR 17 front in-stock - fitted while-U-wait or Australia-wide delivery Bridgestone Battlax BT01 Ducati Desmosedici OEM tyres 200/55 ZR 16 - 120/70 ZR 17 in-stock
Pirelli Ducati Tyre Centre - Full range of Pirelli Ducati tyres in-stock, fitting while-U-wait - Australia-wide delivery DUCATI TYRE CENTRE
All Ducati tyres in-stock
  Bridgestone BT-01 OEM
Ducati Desmosedici D16RR
Next-generation hypersport tyre for the
Ducati Desmosedici Racing Replica
The BT01 OEM 120/70-17 & 200/55-16 is developed exclusively for the Ducati Desmosedici D16RR, the Battlax BT-01ís unique soft compound maximises contact feel, delivering levels of grip previously unseen in a street tyre.

Even in the wet, the tyreís unique tread evacuates water quickly and efficiently from the contact patch, delivering safe performance in the rain.

The Battlax BT-01 200/55 ZR-16 Ducati D16RR rear achieves a contact profile almost identical to its MotoGP equivalent, delivering incredible performance on both wheels.

The Battlax BT-01 120/70 ZR-17 front tyreís mono-spiral belt optimises softness for linear, neutral and light handling, whilst the Kevlar breaker in the rear tyre offers superlative grip for maximum feedback and control.

Application: Ultra High Performance Sport
Discover more - Bridgestone BT01 Ducati D16RR OEM

bridgestone battlax BT-016 hypersport tyre
High Tensile Super Penetrated CordMS - BELT3LC 3 Layer Compound High Tensile Super Penetrated CordMS - BELT5LC 5 Layer Compound (SOLD OUT)
Front 120/70 with Rear 180/55 or 190/50
battlax BT-016 hypersport
Bridgestone BT016 front tyre Bridgestone BT016 rear tyre The hypersport tyre BT-016 is designed to maximize the sporty performance of sport bikes on the road today and enables every rider to enjoy our Genuine MotoGP Technology. The advanced multi-compound technology (3LC & 5LC) applied to both front and rear tires offers the rider the performance he demands in every riding mode.
Application: Ultra High Performance Sport

Street Racing

Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Tyre
battlax BT-003 Racing Street
successor to BT002
New Generation Technology for Motorcycles:
3LC+Ultraction Compound
Front Rear
Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Front & Rear Tyres
Specially street-tuned sport tyre derived from latest racing tyre BT-003. Its Ultimate Grip Performance derived from MotoGP technology provides riders sporty riding enjoyment with confident grip on streets and dry-condition circuits.
Battlax BT-003-RS Now in Stock!
Front  High Tensile Super Penetrated CordMS - BELT3LC 3 Layer Compound
Rear  High Tensile Super Penetrated CordMS - BELT5LC 5 Layer Compound3LC 3 Layer CompoundSILICA RICH
Application: Ultra High Performance Sport


Exedra Max Bias Cruiser Tyres

Get Expert Tyre Advice
While-U-Wait Fitting

At Balmain Motorcycle Tyres

Bridgestone Exedra Max EM1 Bias Cruiser Tyre at Balmain Motorcycle Tyres
Bridgestone exedra max Cruiser Tyres
Bridgestone Exedra Max EM1 & EA1 Cruiser Tyres to suit Triumph Thunderbird, SpeedMaster, Goldwing GL1800 & GL1500, VN900, VLR1800, VTX, V-Star, Vulcan, C109 & M90 & many more
State-of-the-art pattern designs created
specially for cruisers
EXPERT TYRE ADVICE (02) 9555 1000
It takes about five years to develop a tread pattern design. That's how much time it takes to develop a new concept and test it over and over again on actual road conditions. EXEDRA has developed countless numbers of patterns in its over 20-year history. Bridgestone EXEDRA MAX is the culmination of such knowhow, providing riders of Japanese cruisers the world over with optimum, cutting-edge patterns. In doing so, it's managed to reduce pattern noise and achieve superior environment performance.

We carry a large range of cruiser tyres
fit & balance while-U-wait | Open 5-1/2 days
  Cruiser Tyres Fitment Guide Click here
  Cruiser Tyre & Rim Size Guide Click here
Application: Cruiser

Exedra Max Radial Cruiser Tyres

get Expert Tyre Advice
While-U-Wait Fitting

At Balmain Motorcycle Tyres
Bridgestone Exedra Max EA1 Radial Cruiser Tyre at Balmain Motorcycle Tyres

Bridgestone Battlax TH01 Radial Scooter Tyre
Battlax brand radial scooter tires specially designed for large engine capacity scooters. TH-01 provides good handling and cruising.
TH-01 Radial
Original equipment radial tyres for
Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter

120/70R15 T01F - 160/60R14 T01RZ - 160/60R15 T01R
Application: Scooter
Front only B03 Rear only b02 hoop B02 rear (scooter)
Bridgestone Hoop B03 scooter tyre Bridgestone Hoop B02 scooter tyre
Original Equipment (OE) tyre on select scooters. See Sizes & Specifications for Original Equipment fitments.
Application: Scooter
hoop B03 front (scooter)
Original Equipment (OE) tyre on select scooters. See Sizes & Specifications for Original Equipment fitments.
Application: Scooter

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over 1,200 top brand tyres to choose from
over 1,200 top brand tyres to choose from
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