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  Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres: 120/70-17, 160/60-17, 170/60-17, 180/55-17, 180/60-17, 190/55-17, 240/45-17, ZR17, Pirelli Angel GT, Diablo, Rosso III, Pirelli Corsa, Night Dragon, Pirelli Supercorsa, SC1, SC2, SC3, Sport Demon, MT75, Angel City/Demon, MT66 Route, Scorpion, MT90, ST, MT60 RS, Pirelli Motorcycle tyres Sydney   Michelin Motorcycle Tyres: 240/45-17, 120/70-17, 160/60-17, 170/60-17, 180/55-17, 190/50-17, ZR17, Pilot Power 3/RS, Pilot Road 4 GT, Pilot Road 2, Anakee III, Commander II, Michelin Motorcycle Tyres Sydney   Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres: 120/70-17 160/60-17, 170/60-17, 180/55/17, 190/50/17, ZR17, Battlax, S21 S20, BT002, BT014, BT015, BT016, Hypersport, BT012SS, BT090, BT45, V, BT39SS, Exedra Max, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres Sydney   Best price on Avon motorcycle tires - Avon cruiser tyres - White wall tyres - Fitted or Aust-wide delivery   Continental Motorcycle Tyres   Heidenau K60 Scout Tyres   EBC motorcycle brakes supplier - high performance HH EBC disc pads & disc brake rotors   Buy Brembo motorcycle brake pads and discs at Balmain motorcycles Sydney  
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Buy EBC motorcycle brake pads & Disc rotors at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney
Full Range of ebc Pads IN-STOCK
Buy Brembo motorcycle brake pads & Disc rotors at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney
EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads, Perfect for Street & Racing Motorcycle Street & Roadrace EBC Double H Sintered Disc Pads & Disc Brake Rotors -  EBC Sydney Dealer

EBC Brake Pads & Disc Rotors

The No.1 Selling Brake Brand
10% OFF all EBC Products
Motocross & Enduro Moto-X EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads & Disc Brake Rotors Sydney Dealer EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads For Motocross X & Supermoto Use
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EBC motorcycle brakes supplier - high performance EBC HH disc pads & disc brake rotors Full EBC selection click here
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Sydney Australia

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Double-H Sports Sintered Brake Pads

Fitment Guide
EBC HH Pads for Street Motorbike: The Double-H Sintered Superbike brake pads are the true and undisputed KING of fast motorcycle brakes. Within one year of their launch in 2004 Double-H Sintered Superbike brake pads became the standard by which all brake pads for street bikes were judged because of their long lasting and powerful brake effect.

These Double-H Sintered Superbike brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power, made in the USA from sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to reduce heat transfer into bikes hydraulics where required. Some calipers feature phenolic pistons and generally these do not require insulation. The unique double segment vented design improves braking under all riding conditions, wet, dry, hot or cold. On wider EBC brake pads this keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.
EBC Motorcycle Double H Brake Pads -  Sports Sintered HH Disc Pads
Fast Street & Trackday EPFA/GPFAX Sintered Pads
Fitment Guide
Motorcycle brake pads - EBC EPFA Racing Street Pads EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads: Also known as EPFA pads. The USA-made EBC Brakes EPFA Sintered Pads for Fast Street and Trackday is a premium long life street pad with improved fade resistance and heat cycling and improved noise characteristics. EPFA is a great pad for heavy street bikes, cruisers and faster superbikes as well as intermittent track use.

Extreme Pro pads are ideal for faster street bikes and race bikes alike but as they include many new additives and slower manufacturing processes they are more expensive and target the no compromise rider or race team.

If you require a pad purely for track use EBC recommends the GPFAX range.
Watch Video
EBC EPFA Extreme Pro Brake Pads at Balmain Motorcycles
ATV Sintered Brake Pads
For the ultimate durability EBC presents it’s “R” series high density ATV Sintered series pads. A sintered copper material made in our own USA facility, the “R” Series of heavy duty ATV and moto-x pads have become an aftermarket standard offering high durability, high resistance to contamination by mud, water, sand and grit etc. offering reduced disc damage and long pad life. Sintered brakes are a very modern and interesting technology, click here to read more about EBC sintered brakes.

Many of us enjoy riding off road with trying to be Malcolm Smith and getting the brakes red hot. For that group the ATV Sintered R series pads are an ideal choice for Off Road Riding. R Series pads are a sintered copper alloy pad made in our USA sintered production plant to deliver a medium to high friction pad, at an attractive price point that lasts well in all conditions of wet, mud water or sand.

ATV Sintered R Series pads are equally well applied to two wheel and four wheel machines and as such are very well liked amongst ATV riders especially due to the conditions on some rides where the rear ATV rotor hangs down in the mud and chews through lower quality pads in a weekend. The EBC series pads are available for all modern ATV and Moto X bikes and are priced well below original parts.
Scooter HH Series Sintered Brake Pads
Fitment Guide

Scooter Disc Brake Pads: SFA HH Series Scooter Sintered Pads are manufactured in the sintering plant in the  USA, these Double-H scooter brake pads have high longevity for aftermarket offerings we have ever sold. The give high performance perfect HH rated stopping power for good braking in wet or dry conditions. These HH scooter brake pads target the heavier and faster scooter market.

Designed to outperform all competitive pads the EBC Double-H sintered pads are designed to accompany all heat treated and EBC made stainless steel brake discs but are not to be used on non hardened discs.


- Longest lasting pad of any material anywhere.
- US made quality products made in our own factory.
- Highest HH friction rating of any pad, nothing stops faster.
- Zero disc damage, these pads DO NOT damage your rotors.
- Suitable for high speed use and racing on up to the largest scooters.

EBC Scooter HH Brake Disc Pads
Brembo motorcycle brake pads & discs delivered Australia-wide Brembo Motorcycle Brakes - brake pads & discs at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney
Brembo Road SA pads
Brembo Road SA

Brembo Scooter SX pads
Brembo Scooter SX

Brembo Off Road SX pads

Brembo Off Road SX
Every bike deserves Brembo Brembo Genuine Sinter pads
Brembo Genuine Sinter

Brembo Racing RC pads
Brembo Racing RC

Brembo Off Road TT pads
Brembo Off Road TT
Using a combination of high quality brake pads and discs is a fundamental prerequisite for the optimum performance of any braking system.

Brembo brake pads represent the best in terms of performance, comfort and durability.

They are available for over 6000 applications, with a wide variety of compounds: from organic resins to sintered and carbon-ceramic pads.

Brembo can therefore cater for the specific needs of every imaginable type of motorcycle - from race and street bikes to city and off-road machines - and fulfil the expectations of every rider. more
The right choice for every motorcyclist
Passion has always played just a large a part in the choice of a motorcycle as have technology and style. And as a result, each motorcycle differs from the next, to cater for the individual needs of its rider. Brembo offers a comprehensive range of spare parts that respond to the specific technical requisites of all motorcycle types: from racing bikes and street bikes to city and off-road machines.

This extensive range of technologically superlative products derived directly from Brembo's immense experience in motorsports and in the OEM market, fully satisfies the expectations of all riders in terms of performance, control and durability.

Today, the superlative quality, performance and comfort of the world's leading braking system brand are within reach of all motorcyclists, who can now choose the ideal Brembo spare parts to not only suit the performance of their bikes, but also to suit their own riding styles and styling preferences.

Brembo offers a complete range of brake discs and an extensive range of brake pads: a high-tech choice that improves the safety and performance of the entire braking system. more

Brembo Replacement Discs

The new Brembo motorcycle replacement disc programme makes Brembo quality available to everyone for the first time, from scooters to superbikes. Developed very much from racing, they are manufactured to all original dimensions and are designed to directly replace and improve upon your original units. They use Brembo high carbon stainless steel rotors, heat treated light alloy centres and the two attach together with spring loaded Brembo floating bobbins.
Brembo moto brake pads & discs at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney Brembo brake discs are available in both front & rear fitments for most modern motorcycles. Most disc models use a 5mm thick rotors for improved performance & durability, and they can be used with all other original equipment parts as well as the Brembo brake pads programme.

Brembo brake pads & discs delivered Australia-wide

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Held Motorcycle gear Sydney Dealer - Balmain Motorcycles
Held & Macna Motorcycle Gear
Newly Opened

Held Biker Fashion - Macna Apparel - Premium Shad and Ventura Luggage - Motodry Wet Weather Clothing - VOZZ - Shark - Kabuto - Nitro and RXT Helmets - Plus Much more!!!

Motorcycle Accessories
Shad SH58X

Buy Shad motorcycle luggage - top box at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney
Voztec Advanced Helmet Technology

The revolution in global performance,
comfort, speed & safety is here
Buy VOZZ helmets at Balmain Motorcycles SydneyVOZZ Helmets - Voztec Safety System Helmet
The VOZZ Helmet combines safety, comfort and performance in a revolutionary way, that will make the pull on pull off helmet extinct. Get unhinged and never settle.
Buy VOZZ helmets at Balmain Motorcycles Sydney 
VOZZ helmets boast many benefits including a rear access designed allowing the lower edge of the chin bar to be rolled therefore creating a rounder shape chin bar that fits extremely close to the user's jaw line, creating a helmet with less snag points than conventional full face helmets.

Further design requirements allows for a closer fitting helmet as the size of the helmet is not affected by the opening size at the bottom of the helmet (as do typical helmets which need to allow a wider access to allow the head to fit into the helmet). As the helmet has an opening rear access, the helmet can be made to fit closer.

The other significant safety advantages the Voztec® enjoys over its current competition is the emergency safety release system and the fully adjustable chin cup that replaces the old fashion chin strap. Both of these changes have significantly improved the safety of full face helmets firstly by allowing medical personal access if required to the users head in the case of an accident without having to cut the helmet off (especially useful in remote situations) and secondly the new fully adjustable chin cup is not subject to strap creep and also allows the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled to produce a helmet with fewer snag points.
Macna Myth Black Motorcycle Jacket
Macna Myth
Macna Myth Black Motorcycle Jacket

Buy Macna motorcycle gear at Balmain motorcycles Sydney Macna Myth Ivry Black Motorcycle Jacket
Macna Myth
Macna Myth Ivry Black Motorcycle Jacket

Macna Motorcycle Apparel

Macna are a major sponsor of top level international road racers including Jordi Torres, Andrea Locatelli, Jules Cluzel, Julian Simon, Simone Corsi, Michael Laverty, Danilo Petrucci plus our very own Mike Jones. This commitment to racing helps drive innovation and technical advance. From the race tracks of the world to a road near you, Macna has you covered.
Macna have been a premium motorcycle apparel manufacturer since 1991 and are one of Europes leaders in technical innovation & product development.

Featuring a broad range of jackets, pants, gloves, safety protectors and casual wear to suit all riding genres.
View the Macna product range click here
Held Hakuna Motorcycle Jacket
Held Hakuna
Held Matata Motorcycle Pants
Held Matata
Held Hakuna motorcycle jacket white orange
Held Hakuna
Held Matata Motorcycle Pants
Held Matata
Held Biker Fashion

Held GmbH: Despite being one of the most respected manufacturers in the motorcycle clothing and accessories sector, Held remains a family business made up of passionate bikers, still with its headquarters in the same picturesque Alpine town of Burgberg.

The previous 66 years experience and hard work is distilled into the current collection, which is the most comprehensive on the market. And while Held may be German for ‘hero’, we know that it is our customers who are the true heroes.

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CTEK Multi MXS 5.0 Charger
CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Chargers is ideal for your motorcycle, Scooter, Jet Ski, ATV, Boat & Car Battery Charging & Maintenance
CTEK The Worlds Smartest Battery Chargers
CTEK chargers are supplied with a wiring connector which is left attached to your battery for easy plug & play charging. CTEK chargers are safe to leave connected 24/7 for months, when full charge is reached the charger will switch to maintenance mode keeping your battery in optimum condition in between use & during the off season, always ready to use, 100% charged & extending your battery life. Priced well under many motorcycle, scooter, Jet ski & ATV batteries, it can pay for itself after saving your 1st battery.
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CTEK XS 0.8 Charger
CTEK XS 0.8 battery charger, Ideal for maintaining & extending your motorcycle, Jet ski & ATV  battery life
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VholdR Contour HD 1080p & ContourHD High Definition Hemet Cam Now in Stock - Australia-wide Delivery
ContourHD 720 $155.00
ContourHD 1080p $189.00
More Info
Which HD to Buy
FAQ's - Tips & Tricks
 Mounts & Accessories In-Stock

VholdR Contour HD High Definition Helmet Cams & Accessories
    The BIGGEST HD Video from the SMALLEST Wearable Camcorder ... Now in Full HD
Contour 1080p $189.00
inc. FREE Freight
What is ContourHD: Contour HD Helmet Cam is the World’s First (and lightest) High Definition Helmet Camera. ContourHD is the ideal wearable camcorder to shoot & share HD video of your active lifestyle, combining amazing video quality, wire-free wearability & one button simplicity. Light enough (4 ounces) to fit on your goggles, this compact & rugged helmet cam makes HD quality video affordable ($295.00). Easily slide mounts onto a series of mounts for your goggles, helmet, handle bars, motorcycle, race car, mountain bike, paragliding, sky diving, snow skiing, or anywhere else you want. Record your action adventures hands-free in HD!

Hours of High Definition Video:
Easy to use, the 130 degrees lens strikes a perfect balance in capturing the entire scene without over-distorting the video, also records to a removable, internal MicroSD memory card, capturing hours of HD quality video (compatible up to a 16GB Memory Card)

Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a removable, rechargeable battery you’ll get up to 3 hours of HD video with either ContourHD 720 or ContourHD 1080p
You will find a huge selection & get great deals on Michelin Bridgestone Metzler & Pirelli Motorcycle Tires at Balmain Motorcycles Road - Race - Duel Purpose - Cruiser - Scooter
choose from a Huge 1,500 Plus Tyre selection
Great motorcycle tyre price deals on Metzeler, Michelin, Pirelli & Bridgestone motorcycle tyres
get your quote on sydney's best motorcycle tyre price deals Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres: 120/70/17 160/60/17, 170/60/17, 180/55/17, 190/50/17, ZR17, Battlax, BT601SS, BT002, BT021, BT014, BT015, BT016, Hypersport, BT012SS, BT090, BT020, BT45, V, BT39SS, Hoop, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires Sydney Dealer Best price on Avon motorcycle tires - Avon cruiser tyres - Avon Whitewall tyres - Fitted or Aust-wide delivery Continental Motorcycle Tyres
Michelin Motorcycle Tyres: 120/70/17, 160/60/17, 170/60/17, 180/55/17, 190/50/17, ZR17, Pilot Power 2CT, Pilot Road 2CT, Pilot Road 2, Pilot Sport, Anakee, Michelin Motorcycle Tires Sydney Stockist Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres: 120/70/17, 160/60/17, 170/60/17, 180/55/17, 190/50/17, ZR17, Pirelli Diablo, Rosso, Pirelli Corsa, Dragon, Pirelli Supercorsa, SC0, SC1, SC3, Dragon, MTR01, MTR02, Dragon GTS, MTR23, MTR24, Sport Demon, MT75, City Demon, MT66 Route, Scorpion, MT90, ST, MT80, RS, MT70, MT60, Pirelli Motorcycle Tires Sydney Stockist Heidenau K60 Scout Tyres
  • Motorcycle & Scooter Motorbike Tyres
  • All Major Brands of Tires Supplied at Competitive Prices
  • Large Choice of Bridgestone, Michelin, Avon & Pirelli Tyres in Stock
  • While-you-wait Tyre Puncture Repair Service (cost for most bikes approx $65)
  • Fast Ride-in Ride-out Tyre Fitting & Balancing by a Qualified Motorcycle Mechanic
Over 1,500 Top Brand Motorcycle Tyres Stocked & Discounted
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Australia's Largest Range Of Yuasa Motorcycle, Scooter,
Jet Ski & ATV Quad Bike Batteries Delivered Australia-wide
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Genuine Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Sale SAVE Up To 20% off the Retail Price
Yuasa YTZ5S - YTZ7S - YTZ10S - YTZ12S - YTZ14S - 10% + off
Yuasa YTX20HL-BS-PW Jet Ski PWC Battery - SAVE $40.00
We're also Suppliers of Car, 4WD, Truck, Marine, Deep Cycle AGM & Gel Batteries
Get 20% off on Century Batteries | Yuasa car Battery | Deep Cycle Batteries | AGM Batteries
  • - Superior Performance Original Equipment (OE) Yuasa Batteries Discounted
  • - Longer Lasting, High Performance and High Quality Batteries
  • - OE Battery Suppliers to Many Manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Ducati, BMW, KTM, Aprilia, Cagiva, Moto Guzzi & Harley Davidson, scooters, including Peugeot & Vespa Piaggio

12-months Australia-wide Warranty

  We carry the largest range of Genuine Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries & deliver Australia-wide Motorcycle Battery We carry the largest range of Genuine Yuasa Scooter Batteries & deliver Australia-wide Scooter Motorbike Battery PWC BATTERY YTX20HL-BS-PW Yuasa Jet Ski Battery discouned cost price $199.00 Yuasa Jetski OEM battery Jet Ski Battery Yuasa ATV Battery Discounted up to 15% the retail price Quad Bike ATV Battery  
Don't be misled by cheaper brand batteries 'often they WONT last 12 months'
EBC motorcycle brake disc's & brake pads to suit Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki & KTM Balmain Motorcycles
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motorbike tyres - yuasa high performance motorbike batteries, get the Ultimate motorcycle battery at sydney's lowest price deals
Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres: Diablo, Rosso III, Corsa, Supercorsa SP SC SC0 SC1 SC2, Night Dragon, Sport Demon, City Demon, MT66 Route, Sydney Stockist Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres: Battlax, T30, BT023, BT090, BT45, V, Hoop, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires Sydney Dealer Michelin Motorcycle Tyres: Pilot Power 3, Pilot Road 3, Pilot Road 2, Anakee 3, Michelin Motorcycle Tires Sydney Stockist Best price on Avon motorcycle tires - Avon cruiser tyres - Avon Whitewall tyres - Fitted or Aust-wide delivery Continental Motorcycle Tyres Heidenau K60 Scout Tyres
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